Gardening Tools 101: How to Start Gardening Right

While gardening is meant to be a peaceful and enjoyable hobby, there are some steps you have to take to begin your own gardening journey, which includes essential gardening tools that help you get the job done. If you are ready to experiment with your green thumb, let’s go!

Your First Tool: Pots and Soil

To start any garden, you are going to need to begin with the basics. In order to get your plants growing, you need to make sure that you have the proper pots and soils needed for your selected crops.

Doing some simple research online can give you a good grasp of the types of pots and soils you may need for each plant you have decided to grow. 

Gardening Tools 101: Stock up on pots that can accommodate any size of plants.

A good rule of thumb is to stock up on pots of different sizes. It is good to be prepared to move your plant when it begins to grow.


While gardening is peaceful and calm, it can get quite messy. You are going to be using your hands constantly. Experienced gardeners will be the first to tell you that you should invest in a good pair of gloves early on.

These gloves help to keep you a little bit cleaner than you would be if you were working bare-handed. They also protect your hands from thorns or any other potentially harmful features on your plants.

This tool will save you a lot of extra struggles, so make sure it is one of the first on your list!

Hose and Watering Can

Gardening Tools 101: Make sure to pick a high quality hose and watering can because they will be your daily gardening buddy.

All plants need substantial sunlight and water to grow properly. Having a hose and watering can nearby at all times is essential for you to tend to your plants appropriately. 

You are going to be using both of these tools frequently, so you should be focusing on finding products that are easy to maneuver and access on a regular basis.

Rake and Hoe

As your garden begins to grow, be prepared to deal with regular maintenance and upkeep.

That is where the rake and hoe come into play. To keep your garden sowed and weed-free, you must have both of these tools on hand. 

Doing this will help to ensure that your plants are staying healthy and getting all the attention they need to thrive.


The shovel is one last essential tool that you should always have on hand. Regardless of what you are doing in your garden, there is a good chance that a shovel is going to make the job easier from time to time. 

Gardening Tools 101: Have different shovels for your varied gardening tasks.

These tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each variation is intended for a different use. 

Having a selection of shovels can help to prepare you for every step of the gardening process. For example, when your plants are young and on the smaller side, it is best to use a small shovel to not damage any of the roots when you are moving them around. 

If you are prepping a larger spot for planting, a bigger shovel will be your tool of choice. It helps you get the job done much faster. 


Check out Garden Wizard to learn more about these essential gardening in Australia tools. You’ll be on your way to becoming a pro in no time at all!

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