Go Vertical: Simple Solutions for Urban Gardening

With most of the world flocking to city centres, it’s no wonder we’ve seen an increase in the art of urban vertical gardening in Australia. Melbourne leads in the world of urban agriculture, having conducted extensive research to show its benefits for both food security and climate change. 

Not only does it benefit the community, but from an individual standpoint, bringing plants into your dwelling both livens your home and enhances your overall well-being

Australians have had to get creative with their gardens, finding ingenious ways to maximise the constrained space of large population areas to keep their urban world green. 

At Garden Wizard, we want to share the most accessible method — vertical urban gardening. 

What Is Vertical Gardening? 

Quite simply, vertical gardens feature plants growing upward. With vertical gardening, you can let your greens flourish against a variety of standing structures. 

You can achieve these urban gardening techniques anywhere, whether in your community garden, the railing of your balcony, or inside your kitchen. 

That said, not every plant is suitable for vertical gardening. Australia has a varied climate, so you’ll have to consider which plants thrive in your region

In general, plants with shallow root systems, natural upwards growth, or trainable vines are ideal for this urban garden trend. 

Whether you’re growing for the community or making your home a greener space, see how green is your thumb best-suited plants for vertical gardening.

Urban Gardening: Turn any boring outdoor wall into a thriving garden.

1. Vertical Gardening Outdoors 

If you have access to an outdoor space, such as a home or community garden, you have the benefit of planting large climbers. Whether you’re using a hydroponic tower or trellis, you’ll find plenty of greenery suited to soar. Some of the most popular are: 

Vining Tomatoes: A timeless classic, fit for warmer climates, these crops need a bit of coaching, but they prosper when grown vertically.  

Wisteria: These plants grow quickly, making them ideal for large surface areas. With a variety of colours, these flowers are beautiful climbers that brighten any trellis or pergola. 

Passionfruit: On top of being a mouthwatering addition to any garden, this fruit loos lovely decorating walls and fences, thanks to its long vines and rich, purple flowers. Passionfruit shines in a temperate or subtropical climate. 

2. On Your Balcony

Urban Gardening: Xanadu (L), Lilac Vine (M) and Vining Cucumbers (R) are good choices for vertical gardens.

Turning your high-rise into an ecosystem, like South Brisbane’s Urban Forest, may not be within the realm of possibility for you. But securing a vertical garden can be easy and fun. Here are a few plants that can weave through the railings of your balcony:  

Xanadu (Philodendron): This vining plant with small, lobed leaves shows its beauty best in a tropical or subtropical climate. It gets bonus points for its low maintenance. 

Lilac Vine: An Australian native, this gorgeous flowering vine flourishes in our arid climate. It’s partial to afternoon shade and does require a keen eye, as the vine grows quickly. 

Vining Cucumbers: If you’d like to have a plant both beautiful and edible, try a species of vining cucumber. They can grow all around Australia, but in warmer areas will require time in the shade.

3. Inside Your Home

You may be questioning the difficulty of maintaining a vertical garden indoors. Using an attractive plant hanger makes it much more manageable. 

Urban Gardening: Indoor vertical gardens are made possible by durable wall hanging plant bags.

With its multi-pocketed design, perfect for individual potting, a hanger can transform any room into a lush forest without taking away ground space. 

Several plants to consider are:

Ferns: These plants love humidity and indirect sunlight, making them perfect for turning bathrooms into an oasis. You can keep them in other areas of your home, but be sure to cater to its love for moisture. 

Devil’s Ivy (Golden Pothos): These classic beauties are ideal for above the windows of your flat, gifting you with nature-made curtains. They’re resilient and require little lighting, but be sure to handle the soil with care. 

Herbs: Oregano, basil, thyme, and parsley all take to growing indoors. But for their happiness, it’s best to secure their wall planter next to a window that receives heaps of sunshine.  

Discover Vertical Gardening Options!

These sky-high gardens aid in sustainability, revolutionising urban gardening in Australia. They bring food to the table and natural beauty in our city centres. 

If you’re looking to grow with this gardening trend, check out our wall hanging plant bags and other items! Start planning your vertical gardens today.

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