Going Green: How to be Eco-friendly with Your Gardening

While you may think that gardening must be an eco-friendly activity no matter what you do, that is not actually the case. Many gardening techniques actually use harmful materials like plastics and other chemicals that are damaging to the environment. 

As many environmental issues are facing Australia, it is imperative that we all do our part as responsible gardeners. Here are tips and products that can help you engage in more environmental-friendly gardening.

Four Ways You Can Go Green With Gardening in Australia

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to be a more eco-conscious gardener.

Water Intelligently

Consider watering your lawn and your garden at the coolest time of the day. This way, water will actually seep into the soil instead of immediately evaporating. It would be best if you only used the water you need and not overwater.

Plant Native

Try to use plants that are native to your area. They will be most adapted to the climate and will not throw the local ecosystem out of balance. Avoid planting invasive species at all costs. They can threaten and disrupt native plant communities.

Plant Perennials

Instead of completely redoing your garden and getting new plants every year, consider planting perennials that will perk back up each year. These will allow you to save money on purchasing new plants and also help your garden e self-sufficient.

Every few years, you will need to divide them, which will allow your garden to grow even more. You could also share these extra plants with friends and family as thoughtful gifts.

Go Natural

Avoid using pesticides that are full of chemicals. Instead, opt for natural alternatives. For example, instead of using chemicals to dispel ants, you could use a cinnamon stick or coffee grounds to keep them away.

Products to Try

If you are going to be planting soon, consider giving these environmentally-friendly products a try:

Seedling Soil Blocks

Green Gardening: The peat moss raw material of the Seedling Soil Blocks creates an excellent environment for the development of seeds.

This eco-friendly gardening tool is made of peat moss, which allows it to degrade naturally completely. With these blocks, you can ensure that your seedlings get all the nutrients they need. You also don’t have to worry about releasing dangerous chemicals into the soil.

These blocks allow you to transport them to their final homes once they have begun to grow. Talk easier and greener gardening!

Geo Pot Seedling Nursery Cup

Green Gardening: The degradable material of the Geo Pot Nursery Cup ensures water absorption and soil integration.

This environmental-friendly gardening product will help you to start herbs, flowers, and other similar plants responsibly. The cup is made from paper and peat, making it completely degradable. It will become organic fertiliser for your plant after it degrades. The nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus found in it will become great food to help your plant grow.

This cup will also help avoid the problems of rot roots and bent roots common when gardeners choose to use plastic pots that are inflexible. Using products like this is better for your plants as well as the environment.

Biodegradable Plant Nutrition Pots

Green Gardening: The Biodegradable Plant Nutrition Cups ensures a high seedling survival rate.

This last tool is a pot that is made from recycled plastic. This product is durable and corrosion-resistant while still being breathable. It will allow plants to absorb the water and nutrients they need easily. When transplanting, you do not need to worry about removing the bag because it is biodegradable.

Let Us Help You!

As a gardener, we know you love the natural world and care about its sustainability. We play a big role in the development of our ecosystem. It’s our duty to follow responsible gardening practices.

Check out Garden Wizard Shop for more tips to help you engage in eco-friendly gardening. It’s about time you become an environmentally-friendly gardener!

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