7 Creative Ways to Add Plants to Your Small Apartment

Plants are a great way to add some outdoors to your small apartment. Moreover, they can
make a small crowded place look more spacious and put-together, and add to the overall
homey vibe. However, there’s much more to adding plants to your home than simply placing
them in the corner of a room. For starters, you need to consider what plants suit your space.
Then comes the creative planning part. To help you with that, we compiled a list of some of
the best creative ways to add plants to your small apartment and elevate your interior decor.

1: Stylish Planters

Avoid using typical planters like terracotta or ceramic when considering creative ways to add
plants to your small apartment. You can easily create a beautiful ambiance by bringing nature
indoors, but placing it in uninteresting containers lessens its enchantment.

Instead, use eye-catching materials such as metal, wood, or marble for planters. That will
make plants look better in your home. If you already own terracotta or ceramic pots, don’t
worry. That is a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination go wild and paint your pots to
match the interior decor. 

2: Hanging Planters

There’s another creative solution if you don’t have enough space for pretty planters on your
tables or shelves! Consider hanging your plants from the ceiling, so they don’t take up too
much of your room. Therefore, hang them in the corner of your living room or office to fill up
the space
and add a touch of nature. Or, place them in the middle of the ceiling as a greener
alternative to a chandelier. 

If any area in your home has a ceiling you can use to hang a plant, make sure to do so.
However, because ceilings are made differently, not everyone can use them to add extra
plants to their home. Furthermore, not everyone can take care of hanging plants because they
require lots of stretching or height to water them properly. 

3: Start a Vertical Garden

Aside from hanging planters, another way to go vertical when adding plants to your home is
to designate a wall for your small garden. That can be inside your apartment or on a small
wall of your balcony, depending on your desired effects. The next step would be to put up
shelves or hanging planters and choose the plants you want to grow.

One great idea is to plant some spices like oregano, thyme, basil, or parsley that will also
come in handy in the kitchen. Most of these plants can grow and thrive indoors. If you decide
to have a vertical garden on your balcony, you might be best off choosing some decorative
plants and flowers.

4: Window Garden

One of the fun ways you can spice up your apartment with plants is to start a garden on a
window sill. It not only looks fantastic and saves you space, but it’s also a great way to ensure
all your plants get enough sunlight. The only thing you have to worry about with this option is
choosing plants that don’t mind direct sunlight. A simple googling will tell you what plants to
avoid and what to choose.

Furnishing an apartment is a process. If you have never lived in an apartment before, no
matter how small, you should know what it entails. One of our best tips for first-time renters
or those who just bought their first apartment is to take it slow with the decorating and
furnishing. Adding plants to your home can be a cheap way to make your home look
expensive. Moreover, a window garden will look phenomenal, with or without curtains.

5: A Small Zen Garden

Zen gardens are tranquil and adaptable yet incredibly simple to create and maintain. All it
takes is a couple of rocks, sand, moss, and other natural elements to make this perfect
meditation corner in your small apartment. If you want to create an apartment garden but
don’t know where to start, this might be just the thing for you. Then, when you add slightly
more demanding plants, you can add succulents and some flowers that are also very easy to
maintain, especially when they’re inside.

6: Add Height

Adding trees to your living room might sound crazy, but you can’t say it doesn’t look
amazing. Placing it in the corner of your room, close to the window, is a great way to give it
enough natural light and make it an accent piece in your home. It provides a similar
impression as creating a plant corner with various plants, but it takes much less effort.

7: Use Them As a Wall Divider

When living in a small apartment, you might not have enough rooms for each housemate or a
separate living and bedroom. A great way to create a wall divider between two rooms without
losing out on light and practicality is to create a wall of plants. For example, use rods that
extend from the floor to the ceiling and hang various planters on them to create a green wall
that is both practical and looks terrific.

Final Thoughts

As some say, plants are what makes your house a home. Without much effort, they give it a
cozy, homey vibe. However, starting an indoor apartment garden is not as easy. That is
especially true if you live in a tiny apartment since your choices might be significantly
limited. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t any creative ways to add plants to your small
apartment – you’ve just got to find them and give them your personal touch! We hope some of
these tips inspire you to start your garden and become a full-fledged plant parent finally!

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